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2010-02-04 03:30:56 (UTC)

Without you i'm nothing.

You did this to us. Your fucking ex is the reason why you
treat me like shit, if it wasn't for him i'd have your arms
around me right now. I hate thinking that I hate you, but
it's obvious to me now that I do. You never came close to
me because you weren't ready to lose him, you're still not.
Where the fuck does that honestly leave me? I know i'm,
contradicing myself, but I love you, more than anything or
anyone has or will ever love you.

My emotions are fucked, and it's all down to me still being
so in love with you, wanting you more and more each and
every day. Yet you don't want me, right? I mean who would?
It appears you're not the only one that doesn't want me,
that enjoys playing these fucking games.

I find it impossible to look at you, to see your smile, to
taste your lips. Why is it that you are all I want? That to
kiss your lips and hold your hand would make my life

It's been so long since I needed the release of a razor, I
don't want to go back there, but these feelings, this life,
I can't do this anymore.

Slit your wrists for sleeping with the girl next door.