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2010-01-06 15:31:52 (UTC)

One thing is for sure.

I don't understand emotion. I don't understand how i'm in
love with you, and when I see you I feel like shit? I see
you, a picture of you smiling, and I want to kill myself,
but I love you? Surely seeing a picture of you should make
me smile? I don't even want to think about you anymore.

On a side note, the cottage was really nice, I hit my head
a few times on the doorways though, seeing as they're
built for small people. Nothing happened either, kinda
shit really, it might of even been a bad thing going to
that cottage with Heidi. It could be 'cause I had a really
bad cold so I wasn't really with it, or from the amount
everyone drank, but I seem to have gone off Heidi over
night. I'm not really sure how to explain it, again, I
don't understand emotion.

We got loads of snow in Saxilby, and coming back to
Lincoln reminded me of how much I hate this town. I guess
in the major towns the snow never sets as well as it does
in smaller villages, like Saxilby. There's too many
people, too many cars, everyone rushing around to do
whatever it is they need to do or get to.

If you only let me try, please let me try.