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2010-01-01 13:39:51 (UTC)

Goodnight and go.

It's 1pm, i've been awake on and off since 10. The hours
are starting to blur together, same as the days. I didn't
text you yesterday, infact no one text me with the whole
generic 'Happy New Year!' bullshit, so maybe you'll let
this one go. I thought about texting you around 1, then
again around 5. Did you think about me at all?

We had some argument the other day, you didn't really
answer it, but i'm pretty sure you and your ex are back
together, the thought infects my heart. It suddenly hurts
to breathe.

I'm not really sure what i'm doing anymore, right now I
feel pretty fucked, my mood's a little low too. I should
probably just go back to bed or get some food. I'm
thinking of texting Sian or Heidi, I guess that's kinda
dickish of me. Nothing's happening with either of them
anymore so I dunno, I think Heidi sees me as a friend,
kinda typical.

I just want to be with you tonight.