One big beautiful daily accident.
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2009-12-09 22:43:37 (UTC)

This is everything.

So we didn't get to talk yesterday, so I emailed you
telling you I wouldn't be online but might be on later
that night, you said you didn't mind. Then today I was out
from pretty early and I emailed you saying that i'd talk
to you before leaving for the brewer but yeah, I had been
busy so we didn't get a chance to. I ended up calling you
on the walk home and you hung up on me twice, get home and
come online and you're on, and you're all like "I don't
want to talk, i'm annoyed with you", which you said was
basclly 'cause I said we'd talk today but because I was
busy and didn't call you, you're now annoyed with me.

You claim I don't care about us, how the fuck can you even
think that? nevermind saying it. When was the last time
you called me or got in touch with me? Oh, you don't. Matt
called you when you were expecting me to and you claim in
that moment, you just realised. Realised what? Hoestly,
the fuck say that shit to me, then you started saying how
you didn't want to talk and that you don't even care
anymore. Well that makes me feel fucking great, i'm done,
i'm out.

All I dreamed up, all that seemed like luck seems silly to
you now. All I said to you, all I did for you seems so
silly to me now.