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2009-12-08 17:47:45 (UTC)

My eggshells are not easy to hold.

So i'll be out for most of the night, I have been lately,
i've been feeling pretty shit to be honest. We havn't
really spoken a lot over the past few weeks, months even.
You told me last night that you felt distant from me, I
told you I felt like I lost you a few days since coming
back home. I told you we need to talk tonight, so
hopefully we'll be able to sit down and talk this out,
instead of getting bitchy and hurting each other. I think
tonight will be the death of us, I guess we'll see.

I don't want to know that you don't want me. I don't want
to know what you do without me. I don't want to know what
i'll be without you. I dont wanna know. I don't wanna know.