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2009-11-22 19:21:22 (UTC)

On the outside i'm trying, 'cause on this inside i'm dying.

How do you begin to tell someone you can't do something
anymore? How can I tell you that I care too much for you
so we have to go our seperate ways and not make you feel
like I don't care? I find it hard to even talk to you
because of how I feel, when you tell me about your nights
out, or something you're doing, all I want to do is cry
because I miss you so much and i'm not there. I hate this
feeling. I hate that i'm going to have to tell you one day
that I just can't do this, I can't be your friend.

I don't know what i'm meant to do, I can't lose you, not
again. At the same time I can't have you in my life as a
friend, I can't hear about you going away for a week with
your ex bf. I can't do this anymore.

This broken heart was stronger than the words I wish you
never meant.