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2009-11-21 18:15:12 (UTC)

I just want, no, I just need this pain to end right here.

I'm lost and i'm not really sure how to find myself. It
all falls on us, I guess talking to you upsets me, I think
if we stopped talking for a few days, even a week i'd feel
better than I do right now. That's kind of what I did this
week, until you text me saying that we should just agree
to stop talking because whatever it is we're doing is
hurting you too much. I don't really get where that's
coming from, or what it even means. Basically because i'm
not staying home depressed and i'm out a lot more, we
should agree to stop talking? I really don't understand.

I love how i'm trying so hard to hold on to you, I lost
you months ago, why can't I let go? I constantly feel so
distant from you. It's amazing how I can go from a low but
okay mood to tears, just from thinking about you.

I miss you so much.