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2009-11-19 13:36:12 (UTC)

Re:Dishu and Rummy

Two days ago me and mom had argument and it comes to that I
said that if you want I can go back. Dishu came in and just
started shouting at me for nothing.She even dial the number
for Kirpal and was shouting at me phone go back.I am stupid
to be still here. Iqbal apoliged from me for her. I do not
tnink that I can ever think for her the way I used to do
that. Even Rummy does not talk to me.

Sukha said to Rani(Dishus mother in law) when me and Sukha
went to gave them the stuff. She said to her we are going to
do even if people feel jealous of it. There was not body
else in the room except me, Rany and Sukha. So means that
she said to me that I am jealous of Dishu. She even does not
talk to me since that. I know that she must be talking to
her friends about me.

I do not think that I can have same relationships with
Sukha, Dishu and Rummy ever, the way it was before. I just
want to get it out from my chest.

Please Universe help me to digest this.

I am greatful to the universe to give me this life, and my
family, I mean my sons, husband and grandkids, Kavita and

Thanks Universe again and again............