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2009-11-16 22:11:25 (UTC)

You and me could write a bad romance.

I love you, I can't be your friend without feeling like
shit. You talk to me about guys that you might or might
not be interested in, or guys that are interested in you
and it's like my world collapses. I don't know what to do
anymore, I can't live with you and I can't live without
you. I'm nothing without you, it's pretty clear you're
fine without me, i'm really finding it hard to believe you
ever cared about me, at least in that way. I'm completely

Today all i've done is sleep pretty much, I woke up at 1
and you were at college, I realized without you I actually
had noting to do, no one to meet to get something to eat
or maybe have an early drink or even arrange something for
later, without you i'm nothing.

I have nothing without you, so how am I meant to stop
talking to you, what happens if we stop talking, will I
spend everyday crying myself to sleep? I don't want to
feel this way anymore. You're amazing, gorgeous, you're
going to be in a relationship soon and it's going to kill
me, I know there's loads of people that are interested in
you, but hearing about people that are is so painful and

I wish I had a river I could skate away on. I'm so hard to
handle, i'm selfish and i'm sad. Now i've gone and lost
the best baby that I ever had.