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2009-11-15 07:43:07 (UTC)

Missing you broke my life.

Today was a hard day, I woke up and needed you, I wish I
could of just turned around in my bed and have you laying
there next to me, or even just to wake up and feel your
arms around me. I wish you were laying next to me right
now, I miss you so much.

I talked to you before I left for work, you were having
friends round but I had work which is quite typical. I
guess that's what made me upset, I wish I could of been at
yours tonight, I want to hold you more than anything.

I felt like I was going to cry at work, I wanted to be with
you so much, I still do. I text you at work and you said
you'd wait up for me, but one of your friends bought you
alcohol so i'm guessing you fell asleep drinking.

I hate feeling this way, I hate that all I want is you
holding me, sitting next to me with your hand in mine, I
know we're trying to be friends, but I don't want to be
your friend, it's impossile being your friend when I feel
this way. We're nothing like we used to be, I just want

I'm not even slightly over you, I wish I was like you, you
don't seem to be effected anymore, I miss holding your hand.

You always make me feel brand new.