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2009-11-11 15:32:17 (UTC)

You were finished long before we had even seen the start.

So I got my new tattoo done on my elbow, the ink has ran a
little already, but apparently it does on your elbow? I'm
not too bothered anyway, i'll be getting it topped up
later this month I think.

I was out on the Monday for a few drinks with a few
people, the thought made me feel alone though. I text
pretty much everyone on my phone to see if they were up
for a drink, which a few of them were so I guess I kinda
set up Monday night, but at the same time I wondered when
people would start inviting me out, it seems i'm always
the one asking.

I got home kinda early on Monday night, around 11pm I
think. I pretty much went straight to bed not even wanting
to talk to you. It was your ex's birthday, how amazing is
that? His is on the Monday, yours is on the Thursday, I
guess you really are perfect for each other. You had a
message in your msn name about it, which I guess made me
feel hurt when I read it. It shouldn't, seeing as we're no
longer together and we're never going to be together, but
yeah, it does.

You did text me though about 2 hours after I got in,
saying that you wanted to talk to me and you tried staying
up but weren't feeling very well so you were going to bed.
I wish you'd of text me hours earlier telling me you
wanted to talk.

Tuesday morning came and went, Ed picked some up for me,
apparently i've relapsed. We smoked a single skin each
while walking to the bank from bowling, with a coffee from
McDonald's, loving their coffee in the morning when we go
bowling. I bowled a double and a 9 5 times, so no turkey
for me, Ed got a turkey though, so props to him, even
though I did bowl a 163 and a 164 which were yesterdays
best games ;).

After bowling I went to Portland Street to get another
tattoo booked in, this time I took about 8 sizes of the
tattoo I wanted doing, so if Don wasn't busy he'd fit me
in there and then, to cut a long story short, got inked at
about half 6, took about an hour I think, £40 which wasn't
too bad, my others were £60 each. I'll be slowing down the
tattoos now I think, I need to put thought into my sleeve.

We talked a bit yesterday when I was walking home, I
called you then spoke to you on msn before bed. You always
leave homework till the last second and get so stressed
out over it. You're such a hard subject to talk about, so
complicated. I wish things were easier.

All I wanted was you.