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2009-11-06 11:12:30 (UTC)

Just a day.

I woke up today feeling okay I suppose, considering I was
out last night which was a weird night. I met up with
Matt, he came down with some girl, Rachel. We talked about
his situation with Sian for awhile, it was pretty much the
same shit we had already talked about, but he needed to
get it off his chest so yeah. Later on a few of Matt's
friends came down, Stu, Matt and some other guy, forget
his name but oh well. There was a lot of silence though,
which I found quite weird. I suppose it was 'cause I was
there, an outsider within their circle.

I haven't spoken to you since you told me you didn't know
me anymore, maybe that's why i've woke up feeling okay,
the fact that I haven't spoken to you hasn't made me miss
you more, maybe we should just go our separate ways.

I woke up at 8am, which is strange for me, seeing as I
normally go to bed between 7-10am. I'm getting a tattoo
today which is why I had an early night, hopefully i'll
get this done and leave The Shop at around 4pm, get home
for 5 and nap till about 7 and then yeah, work.

Am I better off without you?