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2009-11-05 15:24:45 (UTC)

Let this go.

I woke up today and broke down, i've cut so many times
i've lost count, my wrists are red raw, my sheets are
stained, why do I have to go through these emotions again?
I tell you I love you, you roll your eyes in shame,
telling me I shouldn't, knowing how this will end. I wish
I could see you looking into my eyes, but these plane
tickets aren't booking, Jake's sure to claim his prize. So
where does that leave me? An emotional ball of pain, who's
not living or breathing and unable to scream your name. I
guess it comes down to distance, seeing as love doesn't
conquer all, so maybe this is where I say goodbye, to you,
myself and all.

I am finding out that maybe I was wrong, that i've fallen
down and I can't do this alone.