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2009-11-05 05:39:55 (UTC)

Maybe if my heart stops beating it won't hurt this much.

So we talked tonight, pretty much, we're never going to
work, you told me that you feel like you don't know me
anymore, but before that you told me about Jake, the guy
that is playing you to fuck you. It makes me laugh how it's
obvious he just wants to fuck you yet, you actually think
it's more than that, and i'm not even a part of your life
so I really have no control over you fucking him or not.
The thought of it makes my skin crawl, it makes me feel

I think at some stage I mentioned that I regret losing my
virginity to you, which I guess hasn't helped anything.
It's your birthday in 7 days, I don't think we're going to
last. I think tonight is another night of crying myself to
sleep next to my trusty metal best friend. There's a sad,
sad thought.

I'm sick of feeling this way, i'm sick of feeling. I
honestly hope I don't wake up tomorrow. My life just hit a
whole new low.

I gave you my best. It's like you never left, it's like you
never left. We scream and shout and try to make it last.