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2009-10-30 19:03:34 (UTC)

Wrap your loving arms around me.

I guess I don't really have anything to say or add, I feel
depressed, alone, empty. Also pretty numb too which I
guess is a contradiction. You said that you thought I was
starting to move on from you last night, I guess
it's 'cause all I did this week was go out and get fucked
out my head. I told a new friend Sam all about my problems
one night, not because I had been drinking, although i'm
sure that didn't help, it was more a case of 4 people sat
on a bench, few bottles of irish cream talking about how
shit the world is. I shared my views.

I hate not being able to hold you, I hate not being in a
relationship with you. All I want to do right now,
tonight, is put on a film and snuggle up with you on the
couch with a blanket and just, ignore the movie, all I
want to do is fall asleep holding you, your warm body all
pushed against mine. I don't want to go out on a Friday
night, on Halloween, I just want to fall asleep in your

I guess that's a step in the right direction, considering
i've started moving on from you, right? It's not like i've
dreamt about you literally every night this week. I think
i've lost interest in everything exceptt you.

Close your eyes and i'll close mine.