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2009-10-25 06:16:36 (UTC)

You never say no, except to me.

Just in from work, Kev sat me down and talked to me, I
pretty much just laughed at everything he said, he's such a
fucking hypocrite, i'm so past caring anymore.

I text you on the walk to work at like 9:30, you haven't
bothered getting in touch, it's amazing how you make me
feel, all i've wanted to do since I left work is come home,
cut and cry myself to sleep, only one thing left to do.

I wish I never gave you my heart, I wish I didn't care
about you and love you so much, i'm an emotional wreck and
you don't even care. I hope you had a nice night out, i'm
sure you did, without me you always do.

I wish you were here.