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2009-10-13 21:41:01 (UTC)

All we know is falling.

So I went out with my father today, it was his 50 th on
Monday, had quite a nice day out and met up with my
brother and sister too which was good. Ended up doing a
bit of bowling, well I say a bit, we bowled for just under
4 hours which isn't that bad I guess.

After bowling is where we met up with my brother and
sister, I forgot to bring the stencils to show some of the
guys over on Portland street for the tattoo on my neck,
but my sister brought it down with her and dropped me off
there while they waited. We were expecting a quick 5
minutes going over the design and basically getting it all
booked in, turns out one of them wasn't busy toady, so got
inked today instead of waiting till end of Feb haha, in
off the red!

We went over it for about 5 minutes like we first thought
it would be, but it was basically a case of, if i'm not
100% sure of the colours, get it in black and white and
can always go over it at a later date and 'cause there's
already shades, it'll shade the colour there and then,
pretty much. Took about 85 minutes to finish so wasn't too
bad, didn't really find it that painful either, but I
guess I wouldn't, pretty much used to it.

I'm already thinking about how my next tattoo, where
abouts I want it and the colours and such. I'm thinking
sparrows (swallows? The one with the smaller tail) on
either side of my neck like I said before, they'd fit
really nicely with this one, but yeah we'll see!

Sitting all alone feeling empty.