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2009-10-13 03:56:36 (UTC)


I do not know what else I can do to make my relationship
better with Kirpal. I have tried almost everything, but
nothing seems to be helping. I tri to work more and bring
more money home, he just can not understand me.

Yesterday when I ask Pavel that should I cook turky, he
said to me if I know how to cook turky. He likes his
mother in laws cooking turky. I did not say anything to
him. Just said that I will make Bakra.

I do not bother my son's. I do not tell them anything
about my life in negative way. But yesterday Kirpal told
in front of Kavita, pavel and Rummy that she sleeps
downstairs when we have fight.

I am trying to cope with it. I have to enjoy my lif.
God help me in doing that.