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2009-10-12 15:58:07 (UTC)

Have you ever thought just maybe?

So you're going to your ex bfs place today for thanks
giving. His mother was rushed to hospital I think
yesterday, maybe two days ago, so you'll be going there
after wards, probably break down in his arms, I really
don't want that to sound bitter of me but it's going to
happen, he's going to be the one to comfort you then talk
shit to you about how he's there for you.

I need to get over you and move on, it's so impossible I
don't even know how i'm meant to do this. I want to be
your friend, but just seeing you makes me want you. Just
seeing your lips, your fingers, even your ears makes me
want you. I guess we'll never be together so it should be
time that I pull myself away from you.

You belong with me.