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2009-09-25 06:23:34 (UTC)

Slipping away.

Tonight I felt the lack of you around me more than I did
yesterday, i've kept myself busy today I guess, plus I got
my iPod Touch 32g finally so I guess that helped me keep my
mind off you, I guess at the same time it made me think of
you though. Any song I listen to reminds me of you, there's
always some lyric that screams your name.

I've been watching a lot of shows lately too, i'm a big tv
show whore I guess, they help take my mind off of things.
Someone died in the current show i'm watching, it made me
think of you, and how much you mean to me and what i'd do
if something happened to you. I started emailing you
tonight, i've gone a whole 2 days and i'm already at the
point where I miss you so much that I need to get in touch
with you.

After I wrote out an email to you, I guess I didn't know if
I should send it. I guess I know that if we start talking
again, watching you move on and get over me, watching you
with someone else would kill me. Maybe this really is for
the best, I hope one day we're more than friends.

Will you sleep tonight or will you think of me?