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2009-09-21 06:24:35 (UTC)

Perfection has never been so disappointing.

I just got home from work, I feel like shit. Yesterday you
were telling me how you missed me, all texting me while you
were falling asleep saying how much you missed me. Today I
havn't heard off you, despite texting you. I had a dream
yesterday, I dreampt that I was with you and your ex, and
you were giggling and kissing while I sat there and
watched. You never looked like that with me.

Today is meant to be the start of a new me right? Then why
do I feel so shit, like I just can't be bothered with
anything, like there's no point in being here.

I've been home 12 minutes, it's just gone 7:14 am, the
start of a new me is reborn with a razor in my wrist, how
fucking predictable. Another day of sleeping alone, another
day of being alone. I can't wait for next week when I get
to do it all over again. You used to give me reason, now I
don't have you, so where's the reason?

I wish I could hold you right now, everything was better
when I could feel your heart beating against my chest, I
could feel your arms around me and your breath on my neck.

If you have enough money you can buy love.