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2009-09-08 02:27:38 (UTC)

Now this bridge is ashes.

We talked tonight about us, I guess we didn't really go
into detail about anything but you said you can't love me,
and that you know you love me, you just don't know what
kind of love it is.

If i've ever had to question if I love you or not, I can
tell you 100% confidently that I love you, I love
everything about you and I want to be with you. It hurts so
much knowing that we're never going to be together, because
lets face it, we're not. I hate that you're so perfect, I
hate how I pretty much ruined everything, I hate everything.

I wish you were here right now more than anything, I just
need to see your smile and hold you, why don't you love me?
I'm so depressed and lonely, why is it so hard for me to
actually be happy? Why am I always so depressed?

Oh, what a fucking shame. Oh, that you had to mess things
up this bad.