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2009-09-03 23:55:14 (UTC)

Everyday is just another regret.

So I guess we were talking tonight for like an hour, it
didn't seem like an hour, kinda how it used to be. We'd
talk for 8 hours and it would seem like 30 minutes. You
were telling me that you were going to get a bunny, the
first thought that came to mind is the bunny we saw when we
were in that pet shop with that really cute dog. I can't
remember what the breeds were, but it was this long bodied
small legged dog, it was sooo cute! Even though the thought
was kinda depressing, it wasn't anywhere near as depressing
as what you then said to me. You explained about a bunny
you saw in a pet shop, one ear up and one down, you went on
explaining how cute it was and all I had to say back was
simply; "I was standing next to you".

It's been under 3 months and already your memories of us
together no longer include me. Was this you being a bitch
to make me hate you? Were you just tired and simply forgot
that I was with you? Did you ever give a shit about me?
Like really, because right now I honestly cannot believe
that you were ever in love with me. I'm in such a fucked up
place right now, I don't trust you, I don't believe you, I
wish I didn't love you.

I wasn't prepared for this.