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2009-09-02 14:45:54 (UTC)

The pieces of my heart are missing you.

So you told me that we can't be together, that "everyone
thinks the same" which I guess means all your friends are
on your ex's side. You also said that one day you wanted
to be with me though, which is like, complete brain fuck.

Last night I got home late and you were on msn so we
talked for a little bit, maybe it was the drink or perhaps
the drugs talking, but you were all saying how you were
really tired and falling asleep, so I told you I wanted
you to fall asleep in my arms and you started crying. I'm
not really sure what that means.

I was at my mothers yesterday for dinner, Ed's dad (I
think?) picked me up and took us over to JP's where we
drank and smoked, a lot, haha. The walk home was quite a
mission though, literally 30 minutes up hill while you're
that fucked really isn't something i'd recommend.

Today I woke up thinking it was going to be a good day,
within 5 minutes I felt kinda lonely. I wish I could of
woken up in your arms, I really need you here, I miss you
so much baby. The guys in your life really don't
understand how lucky they are. How easy they have it being
able to see you every day.

I can't see you everyday, free.