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2009-08-30 16:41:23 (UTC)

I'm not living, i'm just killing time.

Before I left for work yesterday, before you went out for
your friends 18th I told you I had started cutting again.
You didn't say anything, i'm not really sure what that
means. I guess I was at least expecting some sort of worry
or some form of emotion from you. I guess you really are
through with me.

I have no idea what time you got home this morning, you
didn't bother replying to my text or anything. I remember
the days when you used to stay up for me, set your alarm
and get up at 6am for when I finished work, even though
you had college a few hours later and could really do with
the sleep. You used to be so into me. I'd love to know
where it all went wrong, when you stopped loving me.

Reaching out for a hand that's not there.