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2009-08-22 15:38:22 (UTC)

True love waits.

This morning I was going to ring you after work, you were
at some guys house party, I don't get you sometimes. This
guy apparently wants to be in a relationship with you, but
as you looked for him when you were leaving someone told
you he was with some girl and didn't want to be disturbed.
You say you have no feelings for him and therefore
couldn't care less what he does, then why were you so
hurt? You were like this with your ex when you broke up
with him for me. As soon as he started to move on you were
like, really hurt by it or something? Like you expected
him to be... Well, like me, depressed and heartbroken for
years before getting over you. The fact that they both
didn't wait around long hurts you or something.

I'm kinda glad I didn't ring you and instead just talk to
you over msn, although i'm pretty sure hearing your voice
would of been so good for me right now. At least we talked
about how I feel and how you don't want me to feel. I just
hope I don't read too into it, and get all these
thoughts and feelings about how we're going to be
together, because i'm pretty sure the next time we talk
will be just like this morning never happened. You're good
at pretending you don't know how I feel.

You always have guys after you, you're so beautiful, so
smart, when you talk i'm amazed. Why am I so fixated on
the motion of your lips spelling out "I love you"? The way
your mouth moves and the way your eyes follow mine. I'm so
in love with you.

I went for so long and I was so wrong, then I met you.
Now I can't live without you and I don't want to, i've
done that all my life up till now.