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2009-08-16 07:01:58 (UTC)

The art of sharing lovers.

So my feelings right now are completely fucked. I just got
home from work and figured, you clearly didn't email me
seeing as you didn't text me and we didn't talk at all
today. Yet you replied to my email and this is what you do
to me; I was so happy that you had emailed, excited even,
like a child on christmas day I couldn't wait to see what
someone had given me.

It's just like we used to be, before I got my new phone,
we'd email each other every day, these really big stupid
emails. I almost felt like we had turned a page or
something, like everything was going to go back to how it
was. Half way through you told me you were camping on
monday, so we wouldn't talk until thursday.

I'd love to say that's the reason i'm writing this but it's
the fact that you're going with your ex and a few other
people. Why your ex? What's the fucking point anymore.

Here I stand, empty hands, wishing my wrists were bleeding.