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2009-08-14 13:58:53 (UTC)

The difference between me and you.

So something I never understand is like, if you don't text me, if you don't talk to me or get in touch or even like, hang out with me, it's because you don't want to wake me, or disturb me, pull me away from something I'm doing. Yet when I don't, it's this huge thing, like it means I don't love you anymore or something.

You tell me you need space yet you don't explain how you need that space, so when I don't text you and you get all pissed off with me for not texting you, what am I meant to do? Even though it's always me who texts you. We used to text and email each other all the time, like email each other every day. You haven't emailed me in weeks.

Then it's like, you think a break from each other would be a good idea, we hang out that night and have a really good night together, then the next morning you're distant with me, like really wtf? You say you need space then contradict yourself by wanting to spend that same night with me, we have a really good night so why go back to this? Why go back to ignoring me and not being happy when you're talking to me? Is it as painful for you as it is for me to not wake up not in each others arms? Then why are you doing this distance thing, I'm right here.

I spent yesterday at my brothers, got home just after 2. It was good, we talked a bit, smoked a lot and drank a lot too. We completed bubble bobble too. That was some trippy shit. He had every nintendo game on his mates 360 which he left there.

I really miss you. When I got home this morning you were online, but as soon as I signed in, within 10 seconds you logged. It's probably me feeling needy, but I wish you'd of just said something like, "hey, I'm just leaving to go out, will you be up later?" or maybe even called me. Maybe I should of called you after you logged? I guess the fact that you choose not to talk to me and just leave made me feel like shit.

I hate seeing people holding hands, I hate seeing couples or people my age in relationships, even when they're not my age, it makes me think of us. It's amazing how thinking about you, even just a little bit, makes me feel so shit. I guess it's just how much I miss you and how much I wish I woke up this morning with you laying against me. You'll be up soon, so hopefully you'll not be distant with me. I have an hour, lets hope I can preoccupy myself and have a cut free day today.

What did you think bracelets were for?