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2009-08-12 21:49:02 (UTC)

Nothing more than a line in your book.

So I just finished eating some cereal. It's amazing how I've been eating cereal now for a good, well, for most of my life. Yet for like 2 weeks making you eat cereal with me has just made like, I don't think of it as just breakfast anymore, I think of it as a reminder of our time together. Most things remind me of you, if not everything.

I don't get the whole, getting over someone, it's like how are you meant to just, do something like that? People say it's all in time or something, but again I really can't seem to understand it. I have so many of your things in my room, so many reminders. How am I meant to know when I'm ready to like, throw them out or something? I still have all your letters. I miss you.

Today I went to my mothers, I didn't really drink much, or talk a whole lot. Kinda just sat around monged. First time I've smoked in front of her, ever I think. She didn't seem to mind it I guess.

I'll probably be going to my brothers tomorrow, take a crate down and just chill the fuck out. I need a break from this shit.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to become addicted to green sometime soon. If I'm sober I'm thinking of you and it's just like, this is too hard.

I fall, I fall, I falter.