Robert`s Diary

Robert's diary
2009-03-06 20:13:08 (UTC)


I have just hotfooted back from filming with David
Dickinson in "The Real Deal". I managed to sell a little
Gothic box for around £100 more money than offered by the
dealer. Good result! I was very pleased to give the
money to SANE, a marvellous charity which was very good to
me when I had a severe bout of the "black dog" some twenty
years ago.

Today Michael Jackson announced his comeback show at the
02 so we will be expecting(I hope) a lot of bookings for
July. Please get them in as soon as possible! We still
only have three rooms, 'though.

With the downturn in the market we are keeping our "end
up". Probably this is because we are more affordable
than the "bog standard" and faceless commercial hotels no
more than one hundred yards from us.

After my Christmas edition for BBC London News in the
voice and face of Greenwich I am now due to give
another "talking head" to the camera. Please, anyone who
has opinions or concerns about the Olympics 2012,
especially about how they might affect Greenwich, leave a
message on my guestbook.

Speak soon.