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2009-02-06 17:52:20 (UTC)

I just want to remember what Rummy wrote to me.Feb. 4/2009

I will give you call on thursday or on friday. I don't
know what hashappened to me. As I stay alone most of the
time, I am not into anyfamily things. The thing that
pisses me off is the attitude ofgrandma. I don't know the
day I arrived in India it been such a mess.There have been
soo many fights and fights. I doubt she is my grandmaor
what. I got enough things to worry about, I live alone, I
have tosurvive alone in the competition, my grandma fights
with me and even uare pissed or soo. Its not that I don't
respect you, u know I do. ButY do grandma has to fight on
the family occasions? I respect all mymamas, I don't
differentiate anyone as she does. I love you and mymamas
equally. Rummy