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2008-10-14 03:47:44 (UTC)


Today we had lunch together at the Rancher. Shya was
really so great. We talked a lot, even though I could not
understand, what she was saying.It is so joy to spend time
with Shya. Today when Paul went to the washroom, she kept
knocking on the door.

9 Agreements for World Gratitude Participants

1. I agree that a world of Love and Gratitude begins
with me. I choose to be a conscious mirror and model of
the change I wish to see in the world.
2. I agree to consciously set an intention for
manifesting something miraculous in my life throughout
this process.
3. I agree to tap into Gratitude on a daily basis and
as much as possible in every waking moment. I know that
the rewards of doing so flow through and extend beyond me,
strengthening the collective field of Gratitude from which
we may all derive benefit.
4. I agree to be a consistentently uplifting
inspiration in all my interactions in World Gratitude. I
commit to see and mirror back the greatness of each soul
who crosses my path. I choose to discover and nurture the
light within so that it may shine forth to others and
magnify their life.
5. I agree to honor each individual’s right to choose
their own belief system and life path.
6. I agree to be open to both give and receive within
this community. In all my dealings, I seek win-win,
mutually edifying interactions and transactions.
7. I agree to be my word in my exchanges with others.
I realize that my personal influence in magnified to the
degree I am able to keep my word with myself and others.
If something comes up and I decide to change what I had
agreed upon, then I agree to male that communication as
soon as possible to the affected party.
8. I agree to love and enjoy my life as much as
9. And, last but certainly not least, I agree to be
Grateful for ME!

To the whole wide world happy thanksgiving day.