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2008-09-26 01:24:23 (UTC)


I would like to include this into one day my book, which I
will be writing.For the last at least six months I been
feeling very very sick. I have Fibormylogia, cfs. ebv, and
neck and back fracthers old. I been in lot of pain. I was
taking medication but it was not working. I had thoughts
that why am I living. For the the last three weeks I went
to see homeopath and nathuralpath. IT is very very
expensive but I think it is worth. I have six weeks
course. They give me intervenus injection of vitamins and
minerals, mrt therapy and triggerpiont injections and lot
of remidies.

This is my third week. I well the differnce. For the last
one week I did not take any pain killer.

He tested me, my liver is toxic, spleen is not working
properly, small intestine not working properly and

I am hoping that he and she is going to make feel good and
enjoy my life with my family and friends and the whole

I love you universe.