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2008-07-21 05:59:45 (UTC)

AS July20/08

What happended last night when kirpal told me that pavel
told him about my leaving when they leaving. This moring I
just did not have any strength at all. I kept lying on the
sofa until I came to work. No boy know what goes on in my
brain that time. I felt like that I should just give up on
my life and keep lying like this all the time and do
nothing, I will die sooner that I think. Than one my mind
is thinking that why should I waste my life for somebody
else. They do not care how I feel, so why I should care
anyway. I want to be healthy whealthy wise and rich women,
when I die. I want to set the examples to other people.
I hope one day I will write better when I feel better.
Thanks universe for listening to me.