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2008-07-02 17:51:21 (UTC)

Feelings July 2nd.2008

Today I am starting to write how I feel at the movement. I
am trying my best to cope with the situation I have in my
live. Pavel seems to be not in my life. His wife says that
I am trying to steal her husband. I do not know that what
is going to happend in the future. But I have to be strong
to live in this world. This world so far has given my
sorrow. Last days were very hard on me. I have no body
who I can open my heart to. but at least here I can say
and write my feelings. This girl I do not know what she
wants. But one thing I know for sure that Shya does have
my blood in it. So that way she is taking care of my
blood. I am sure and confident that the things will chang
for better. I am myself is universe and I can have
anything I want. I am whole, and everything is in me. I
love myself.