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2008-06-12 07:42:12 (UTC)

June 11.2008 My feelings

I do not know that what did I do now. I must have got up
today on the wrong foot. All day was a mess. I am to be
blamed. I can not blame anybody for that. I let it come on
to me. I was doing so well for so long. Oh universe come to
me and help me. I know that only you can help me not body
else can. Please help me to put a iron cast around me, so
nothing can come into and go out, which is not positive to
me and to others. I want to live peacfull live and
gracfully. I will try mybest not to get upset on anything. I
still have lot of work to do. No body else can do this work
for me. Thanks universe to let me get my feelings out and
giving me the strength to cope with it.


Now I feel little relieved. I know and I am sure that I will
succeed in everyway of my life without hurting anybody. They
can not got in my brain how I think. Let them think what
they do but I will keep doing what I want to do in life. I
am going to keep searching my life purpose and I will find
it soon and will fullfill my purpose and will see it
flurshing in my life. I will leave something worthwhile on
the earth after me. Oh my universe give me the courage to do
Love Love Love love love love love love love love love love
love. Tomorrow I am going to make a smily day. All day I am
going to smile at everybody no matter who that person is.