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2008-04-08 16:55:31 (UTC)

The Kitty Gestapo (Contempt And Disdain)

Zoe is batting around half of one of Kiki's plastic Easter
eggs and it's driving me CRAZY. I can't take it from her,
because if I get too close, she picks it up in her little
pink mouth (with her tiny little baby teeth) and runs for
cover. Right now she's in the kitchen, ricocheting it off
the counters. I suppose I should be grateful she isn't
destroying something. Curtains, tablecloth, sea grass
furniture (one of her favorite clawing surfaces), shoes
(don't leave a pair of Crocs unattended). I'm not loving
the cat species right now. Last night some of Zeus's feral
friends paid us a visit and dug up all of my potted plants
out front. It's like the kitty gestapo rolls through and
arbitraily destroys MY things simply because Zeus is
territorial and raises a stink, like he can do anything
about them being on his "turf" from inside the house. Last
time they rolled through, they tipped over the little
table out front and broke the ceramic charger plate the
ash tray is sitting on. I wasn't devastated, but I encure
enough property damage from my own cats. I don't need help
from strays, too. Okay, I'm done ranting about cats. I
feel better.

It took all I had this morning to get out of bed. I really
didn't want to, but Kiki's therapy sessions are in the
single digits now and I don't want to miss any. If I
hadn't had terrible heartburn, though. I'm not sure if she
would have made it. That's what finally got me out of bed.
The need for a Zantac. It angers me that I can get
heartburn from anything and nothing. I can drink water and
get heartburn. Or, I could eat or drink nothing for hours
and get heartburn, too. I can change positions in bed and
get heartburn, watch Food Network and get heartburn. I'm a
walking fire-starter. I can roast hot dogs just by
breathing on them.

I'm full of contempt and disdain this morning. Good think
I don't have to deal with people. That could be bad. I
have domestic responsibilities to attend to around the
house, but damn it, I don't feel like it. Fuck the
laundry. Screw the dishes. Let the uprooted plants out
front wait. I'm tired and uncomfortable. I want my bed and
I want it now. I can't have it and that makes me more
bitter and nasty.

As my mother would say (not that she ever followed her own
advice), if you don't have something nice to say, don't
say anything at all. So, I should stop here. Ciao.