Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2008-02-20 23:51:59 (UTC)

Shadows' Man

Shadows play within the rooms
chasing each other to and fro
playing at being a part
of what they are no longer part
he stands, part of the shadows
forgotten by time and reviled by life
he moves so slow
within this tomb he now calls home
the tears he does not even feel
as they slowly crawl across
the creases of his face
his senile eyes seeing a faroff time
where he, too, ran like the wind
to keep up with Father Time.
People come and people go
Looking right through him
not seeing him at all
just the husk that imprisons his soul
and they don't realize that he too
once had a time in paradise
and so he moves ever so slowly
further into the shadows
that accept him as a long-lost friend
from long ago.