Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2008-02-20 23:33:23 (UTC)

Camptown Races and all that goes along with bunny rabbits in top hats

My mind it races to and fro and fro and to and up and down
and out
So tired yet not sleepy days ago my lids neglected to
close down
And now they cannot seem to find their partner to join now
and close house
My mind it races up and down and back and out and out and
in and all about
I am not sleepy not sleepy in the least and when I close
my eyes I’m back
At work and running sliding, moving, doing, taking care of
all the ones
That I call mine for a little while
I am so tired of being at work at sleep and wishing to
sleep and not allowed
My brain it screams out loud to get some downtime to
handle the sensory overload about to spill from in my
brain and out and like the lava that clears a path for
itself to roam so will my racing thoughts be spilled and
wrap themselves to all around and so devour and all
consume that which it should not be allowed. At this rate
I may not last much longer now. I must shut down for a
little while.