Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2008-02-20 21:34:00 (UTC)


her eyes are veiled, lost...a sea going on into infinity
anger fills her voice as she rails against her fate
screaming against her pain and the unfairness of it all
sharing with all her misery and scathing hate at life's
unfairness and her short straw
her faithful dog bows down as she curses at it
striking the only thing lowly enough to allow her
unrestrained lashing out
no one likes her, no one wants her...just her dog
and still he sits by her, sleeps by her, breathes by her
folded into the tiny seat in the corner of her room
awaiting an end even he knows is but around the bend
I see him trying to give her comfort, trying to soothe
away her distress; I see him and his grief trying to
console and not knowing how
like a bandaid on a hemorrhage, he is washed away in all
her grief

I should dislike her
maybe resent the time she steals from the others who await
in a valley of pain
awaiting my ministrations as I go about my rounds...yet...
I cannot
I feel no anger
maybe a disconnected frustration when glancing at the clock
all I feel is a sense of urgency to care for her as for a
a sense of patience when I look into her eyes
a sense that I will have all the time in the world
and all is alright in the end
and so I breathe in and breathe out and go back in again
I see an ineffable lost child's face
a long ago lost soul
and I touch her cheek and feel a softness in my heart for
that poor wretch of a soul
so lost, so very all alone now at the end of the road
and so I touch her cheek and let her know it will all be
alright in the end
not even her dog will be able to hold her in the end
but it will finally be ok and she should rest
and I touched her cheek and let her know I'll not forget
her, I'll not forget her
and her dog sits looking lonely, so forelorn
he is wiley, the little thing
a survivor to the end
yet, in the end he will wander all alone
for he is not allowed where she does go
and so I reach out to him
not with a hand, but with my words
and ask him about her
and he soulfully complies
to relive a tortured yet beloved past
so real and yet so far to go
and he is now alone
doesn't matter she was so mean
does not matter, not at all,
for she was his and only he knew what was within her soul
At least there were the tears of two
for the unlovely woman child who's gone.