Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2008-02-16 15:15:54 (UTC)

Two codes, one save.

I arrived at work today to be told that two of my people
had coded right before the start of my shift. One made it
At first I was disbelieving. I had convinced myself that
the one that passed was looking better,
retrospect maybe I knew he was going. He was on q2h
watches, yet during my shift I was in his room every 30
min to an hour. Why? The only times I have ever placed my
patients on 30 minute watches was at my old job, when I
felt a person was passing. I don't want them to be alone.
At the start of my shift, he was out of his mind and
lethargic. I kept turning him, moving him, talking to
him...he eventually opened his eyes to the sound of my
voice. I would walk into his room, calling out his name
and asking him to give me a smile, please. He had a lovely
smile, such a very lovely sweet smile with a dimple in his
chin. I hope wherever he wakes up he will find the peace
he could not find here.
As for my other...she is still here, but not. The code
team brought her back, but she is but a shadow of her
former self.
No one liked her. She was mean. She was demanding. She was
loud...Now she lays there, so quietly, her eyes glazed
over staring at nothing in particular, the husk that was
her home more like a prison and it seems her soul is
trapped in there with no way to call out.
Her little friend seems so lost without her, so lost and
all alone, walking our halls barefoot and looking at the
floor. They had a lifelong friendship. He tells me they've
known each other for a lifetime. No one really understands
it. They think she treated him like crap...and she did,
but for what it is worth, I think they each met a need in
the other that no one else could and in the end that is
all that matters. She may not be much, but she is all he
ever wanted.