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2008-02-09 05:51:23 (UTC)


Feb.7th.2008,Here I am sitting and thinking about my
son's. I saw my mom talking to dishu , rummy and Iqbal and
Sukha. I thought that pavel calls me but pasha does not.
So I decided to call him. I did not know that I am making
a big mistake by doing that. It let to that I should make
peace with Kavita's parents. Today on 8th. Feb. Pasha told
me that I am the mistake in their family. It is me who
does not want the family together. I do not get along with
anybody. I do not undertand what I can do. By writing this
online. I am letting it all go and make peace with me and
around me. I am very positive that it will be troue.
Please universe give me the peace I deserve.