Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2008-01-02 08:00:35 (UTC)

Long-lost vice...

used to write so much so long ago, about things, some
real, some not, some in between. It was a lovely
dreamscape I inhabited, until someone came down into it
and raped the scenery. I never wrote again, not really,
not till this diary. Somehow, for some unknown reason,
that part of me that loved to gush is awakening...maybe it
is the sleep deprivation (which will ultimately be the end
of me, I am sure, unless I can curb it at some point) or
maybe it is the feeling of safety and security; maybe it
is the maelstrom of life that has been my life of
late...the moves, the insanity, the lack of pattern that
all but have torn apart my soul...whatever. It matters
not, just that I am...