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2008-01-02 06:56:18 (UTC)

Ai wa kanyo de ari, ai wa shinsetsu desu...

I have so many favorites it is not even funny, but with my
personality, I must in order to suit my different
Out of all the bible, Corinthians 1:13 has to be my all
time favorite...from the KJV, not the newer stuff. In it,
love is worded as charity and I truly believe them to be
one and the same and the sentiments expressed in that one
verse encompass all that I believe is beautiful and
compassionate in our world. It is what makes the colors
brighter, the day lighter, and a soul buoyant.
Charity can make or break a person's day. A word, a look,
a smile...those little things can take a broken little
bird and give it a safe harbor...
But not just "charity" as we usually understand it.
Charity as it is commonly interpreted is a whore of the
worst sort, because it is prostituted out and blemished.
Real charity is that action which arises out of purely
unselfish motives, an act that wants no mention nor pay,
an act that, in just being, gives the originator of the
act a thrill from knowing that, somewhere out there,
someone is smiling...and they [originator(s)] are the
This site has a really neat Japanese/English version of
the verse...
I read, a long time ago, that in ancient Japan, the word
for love did not exist. The word for love meant "duty." I
liked that, for I always believed they were one and the
same, so I wonder if that quote was mistaken...

Giri and Seken-tei
Duty and Face...
all we really have in the end