Maelstrom143, By Sun or Candlelight
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2008-01-02 06:09:19 (UTC)

Songs, poems, and all that feeds the soul

Just a brief explanation, not sure why, but anyway...There
are so many lovely songs, poems, thought-provoking pieces,
the most thought-provoking usually obscure...anyway, from
time to time, I will be adding these because they speak to
me, to a part of me that comes out in these diaries.
Sometimes I will go back and edit, adding
commentaries...ans sometimes I won't, as the mood suits me.
Sometimes, they may seem a disjointed bunch, as I ping!
ping! ping! from place to place to place...times untold,
but they make me...
And that is all that matters, so what the heck.

P.S. Lots of posts, blah, blah; just integrating some of
my other entries from another journal to this one. No
sense in keeping two separate ones, ya know?