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2007-03-17 10:58:43 (UTC)

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Large Banks and major corporations have been diversifying
their portfolios by trading in the exciting Foreign
Exchange Market (FOREX)-- now you can too! Its easy with
4X Made Easy. Our trend recognition software program
delivers potential entry/exit trading signals. With its
easy to read Red Light - Green Light indicator system, you
can start making powerful currency trading choices fast!


To increase your success rate with the incredible 4X Made
Easy software, youll receive ongoing training support.
This includes a 1-Day training class, a DVD training
course and a follow-along workbook FREE! Control your
financial destiny in the worlds biggest financial market
with 4X Made Easy.

Instantly conduct real-time currency trend analysis
No trading commission
Helps identify clear entry and exit signals
Easy to read red and green indicators
Tradevault - a detailed interactive portfolio tracking

Trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

Until now, choosing currency trading pairs has been a
complex, time consuming task that at best still turns out
to be a guessing game for the vast majority of individuals
that have had the luxury of even trading this amazing

4X Made Easy delivers clear, "entry" and "exit" signals,
enabling you to make powerful currency trading
choices...instantly and in "real-time".

4X Made Easy connects and empowers you with the the latest
technological tools to conduct online, real-time currency
price "trending" analysis...virtually instantly.

The foreign currency market (known as the FOREX) is the
largest financial market in the world. Every day over $1.9
trillion dollars in currency are traded thru the spot
foreign exchange market. Until recently, large
international banks dominated this market only allowing
access via telephone trading to a select few major
corporations, large funds and high net worth individuals.
This little known, underexposed, foreign exchange currency
market can now be traded online and is available to the
general public. Individual investors now have the
opportunity to trade the largest, most liquid financial
market in the world and have the financial edge that has
been traded by major institutions for years.


2001 historical data reflects that a basket of major
currencies has far outpaced the returns of the Dow Jones
Industrial Average as well as 30-Year Bond Futures. In
contrast to the worlds stock markets, the foreign exchange
market is not subject to the danger of corporate greed,
accounting fraud and insider trading. The FOREX market is
open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.


Proven Track Record
We understand the challenges of creating software, and
embrace emerging technology and industry best-practice
techniques to help us achieve successful outcomes. Our
success can be attributed to the long-term partnerships
formed with our customers, many of whom are patronizing
us, since our inception. We have clients of fine repute
spread across the globe.

You e invited to attend a free, 2-hour (spot) foreign
currency workshop to learn more about this exciting
financial opportunity. (To find out where the next
workshop is in your area, click on the EVENTS Tab at the
top of this page.)

You will learn:

What the (spot) FOREX is.
Why you haven heard much about the (spot) FOREX until now.
How much easier the (spot) FOREX is to trade than the
stock market.
How you can get started trading the (spot) FOREX with
little money.
Proper diversification and how the (spot) FOREX can help
you achieve your financial goals.
Don let these common misconceptions about the FOREX keep
you from achieving the financial success you have always
dreamed of:

Common Misconceptions About The FOREX

Trading FOREX on an unleveraged basis is no more volatile
than other investment alternatives.
Technical analysis does not translate well into FOREX.
(It does!)
The tools to trade the (spot) FOREX are too cumbersome.
(Not Anymore!)

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