jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2005-04-15 06:14:08 (UTC)

Old Man Locks Of Gray

old man whose locks were grays;
And the valleys echoed, sing his earnest lay.
When the sharp iron ; I am older enough to die,
Wounds his inmost soul,
The inner spirit embrace the mission of de’ world
I have live life lessons, un rehearse, oh the old tired
Bones, I am old enough to die.
God has answered! Glory, glory!
O'er the screaming souls, the chains began to break
Green earth let it speed; By the soul of redemption; Lord
I’se free
Sun and stars take up the story,
Nevermore a slave shall bleed;
Shout deliverance for the freeman,
Send him succor in his need.

Shout it over land and sea;
Slavery from earth is driven,
And the Souls are free
For him, when fate has tortured one’s soul, de frame
What hope of mind, and the scars upon mans self denial,
Shall darken any hopes of return.
To weep together, or together die.
The burning village, and the blazing town:
Oh de’ lord here I mourn
Dragged from Africa’s my cry;
Truth, the bright invention; who’d disdain.
Torn from that lovely shore, and must never see it more

Thy ancestors, fertility of great life,
Never accomplishing mission, upon
the African Nile, that sets before he,
have heroes break the links of fate.
Within the body glow, the inner light shall be the force,
De shortened nature's date strife, the house within
Must retire upon life.
Streams forever flow, and there flowers forever blow,

For that, have gladly met their fate
Unto him, with no merit of life, no hero's pride sustains,
No trust of the blissful visions sooth his inner pains;
I am older enough to die.