jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2005-03-19 21:52:24 (UTC)

Black Girl, Don’t You Cry

The trees applaud as I song my song
The ground continue to open and close
I stop upon the bark of the street
I song my song, black man be free
The birds surrounded me as I bowed
The ants set at attention as I began to cry
The roaring winds play my melody
The waters begin to applaud as
I song the song out loud
Nobody no the trouble I seen

Lord the bird song, the wind screamed
The sun went down, the ground begin
To curdle as I cry and danced out loud.

The tears begin to fall, the laughter and
The joy, all the time the colored folks
Was standing behind the bark
Of the tree, a horse ran behind the dark
And the burning bush cried aloud
Black girl dont you cry.