jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2005-03-19 21:51:17 (UTC)

Oh Black Mammy Strong Black Woman

Oh Black Mammy Strong Black Woman

Old black mammy strong warrior
Never gave up, kept house in order,
Old black mammy warrior stood tall
Trusting in the lord,
Old black mammy warrior called
De lord all through the morning.

So you say I’ se a slave woman
So you say I’ se liking education
I ‘se a strong black women
Old black mammy warrior stood up
And said, take me if you must
But my lord is on his way.

Born in da place call segregation.
I’ se can’t be so un educated,
I raise your Chilean and take care
Your plantation, and your babies
call me mama, I’ se carry black woman
with dignity. Old black mammy
with head in wrap, forsaken the
master with her loud deep voice.

I ‘se come to de point
Master I stand to the wipe you carry
Lord say wait my Chilean I’ se
On my way.

So you say I’ se a slave woman
I ‘ se a strong woman, you send my Chilean
To the slave chambers, I stand tall
With dignity and pride,
Nevertheless you hang my son’s from the tree
I ‘ se a strong black woman
I cry and wipe my eyes, my Chilean on the way
To the lord, better dead then be the master slave.

Master wife look down on me;
Nigger girl she say get to work
I look at her in her eye
Yes master I be right on time;
You say I’ se slave women,
Lord the master look at me
Want me for his mistress, master wife
Look down on me.
Can’t be so bad, I’ se a pretty black queen.

Say I’ se slave woman, yes indeed
Work master plantation, smart I think
So you say I’ se a slave woman
Yes you said.
The lord whisper de secret in my ear
Daughter of the chosen I shall by there.

An' no matter what de trouble, I’ se sing it to the lord
Lord come by here, Lord come by here
Lord say I coming to the promise land one day
I shall return.