jacqueline amos

I Am Old Enough To Dye
2005-02-23 18:35:22 (UTC)

Darker Than The Door

The outside is silent and the inside cries for freedom
The open locks of thy hair, and the Egyptian Toro that I
The darkness whispers as the light seeks to the back door.
The ebony, those represent the stroll of a queen.
The rights of passage hole the key to the dungeon that I
I shall cry in silence, my dignity stands before my spirit.
Darker than the door, which signifies, a name that was
To subside my image; The revelation has not change.
The signs branded in my skin, the darker than the door
Speaks silence as the door continues to creep.

Thy wear the scripts of my ancestors, what rage that we
One might say, hell of fire that release
the bronze spirit, of the lost books;
Who are the black women, as the world sits?
Before my door, I continue to live
The coffin continues to open to give me air, wisdom bronze
in the soul.
The back door is darker than the source, but the light
shall shine in the morning;